XFN 11 IMPRESSIONS: Vémola won for the present, Kincl won for the future

ON 29. June 2018 • BY Dominik

Gala evening XFN 11 at O2 arena in Prague held the attention of martial arts fans in the countries of both river banks of Morava river. It was not only thanks to the fact that there were both Czech and Slovak fighters, but the people didn´t want to miss an extraordinary fight. In the leading fight of the evening, two great rivals stood against each other – Karlos Vémola and Patrik Kincl. What did the fight look like from our perspective?

From the first moment, it was clear that if the fight had really taken place, it would have attracted great attention. Later, when everything was already confirmed, both guys put their minds mainly into insulting and embarrassing the opposite side. As we are watching the situation amongst the fans, we can say that Karlos Vémola had a better trash talk score. Anyway, he is more experienced in these things and Patrik really doesn´t fit into this position.

The nervousness, even during the formation, was so big you could have cut it with a knife, and when both guys came into the new cage, which was prepared for this event by the XFN organisation, the fans scene broke into two halves. One applauded for Kincl, the second one for Vémola. The fighters themselves tried to look “all right”, but the body language didn´t lie and one could sense how nervous they were before the fight. That is no shame – it just proves how much the fight mattered to them! When the referee called upon the fighters to shake hands before the fight, both walked to their corners with cold faces.

The fight began, one could feel carefulness, Kincl took advantage of the mentioned new cage, which was spatially more useful for his fighting style. It seemed that he was going to try to exhaust Karlos with running. Just at that moment, Terminátor brought his approved game, when he tried to put his opponent down on the ground.  Huge Vémola´s physical dominance was enormous. Try to put yourselves in Patrik´s place – physically stronger opponent gets you right when he wanted to. It was certainly a mental burden too, however, Kincl handled it up to the mark. His defence was admirable and we all know, how strong Karlos´s ground weapons are. He tried it against Patrik in all the possible ways, but he couldn´t beat him! He gained the first round for himself though and (as it later turned out) a key incident occurred. Kincl couldn´t see anything with one eye after one of the blows.

The round number two went in the lead of Karlos´s bulldog strength, by which he put Kincl down again and he stayed in the defence. He was well prepared for that. However, Vémola was sure that if he had won the second round too and had held the third one, he would have won anyway. He brilliantly assimilated his strategy to it, and even though he wanted to finish Patrik, he only did it indirectly – he limited his opportunities to win in the third round.

Kincl entered right there with a definite task – to defeat Karlos before the limit. Patrik succeeded in a few really amazing hits, it seemed like Vémola had great stability problems for a while and Kincl´s fan club could feel the same. A roaring hall at the fight of two home fighters? It was impossible a few years ago! It seemed that Patrik Kincl would finish and he would try something impossible – defeating Vémola. Therein Karlos presented a terrific takedown when Patrik was literally flying. Fantastic! Terminator was dominating on the ground again and he seduced Kincl´s attempts to come back in the game. He finally mastered Vémola by the arbitrator´s decision at the rate of 3:0.

Kincl surprised in an interview after the fight. He paid a tribute to Karlos, which amazed Karlos himself. He said he will fight under XFN, as the UFC is still too high for him. Vémola asked for a foreign opponent, who would help him on his way to such an organisation. How do we evaluate the fight then?

Vémola won for the present, as this victory over a top Europe fighter (who Kincl undoubtedly is) won´t miss the attention of the UFC. In the best case, Karlos could really reach his goal, which is a comeback to this organisation. Karlos stated that Patrik Kincl could incredibly motivate him. As we could see, Karlos tried to fight in a stand, his opponent needed to cope with unpleasant kicks too. Vémola was surely lifted by the preparation for this match more than by the result itself!

Patrik won for the future though. It is not said in vain that every loss will make one stronger. Kincl realised this right after the fight when he presented extremely honest words. The size of the champion is not only in facing the victory but also in the ability to accept a loss. And Kincl accepted it like a real champion.

Whether you followed Vémola or Kincl, the fight must have met your expectations. Top-level strategic Vémola´s performance, Kincl´s fearlessness, physical strength and steadiness of both fighters made this match extraordinary. On Thursday everybody won at O2 arena – Vémola, Kincl, XFN, fans and especially sport!

A recording of the main XFN 11 duel, in which there were Karlos Vémola and Patrik Kincl standing against each other!

Source of photos: Bartáková, XFN

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