Veronika Žídková, the first cutwoman on the MMA scene

ON 26. June 2018 • BY Daniel Myfish

„I am pushed forward mostly by those who do not trust me or by those who underestimate me.“

After a successful debut at Oktagon 5 in Ostrava, Veronika officially became a part of Alpha Cutman Team (ACT) and the first woman with this position in the Czech and Slovak MMA. Is she going to weather out the hard (predominantly) men´s world? Is she going to withstand the look at wounds with exposed bones or the blood lakes which sometimes flow out of the cage? In today’s interview, you are going to find out whether she is just a fragile girl, as it might seem at first sight, or an experienced health-care provider.

Martial arts as the man´s privilege is long gone. We can see women in a ring, in a cage, as well as on a mattress throughout the levels and the weight divisions in our countries too. What impression does it have on you?  Shouldn´t they leave these “brawls” rather for men?

I believe in equality. Why should a woman not be allowed to do what a man does? If she feels like doing that physically and it fulfills her, she should then feel free to compete even in the MMA. The important thing is to have a good feeling about what you do.

You, like the most of Alpha Cutman Team, work in healthcare. Of course, you are not a normal nurse as known by many. What are your job activities?

Since I graduated from the high school, I have been working on the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Medicare (known as ARO) in a hospital in Frýdek-Místek. After 3 years of experience, I enrolled in a specialization in anaesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care in Brno. In 2013, I started driving a rescue service, which I had always wanted a lot. My daughter was born four years ago but I returned to work when she was 6 months old. One can say that I am a workaholic and my work is my hobby at the same time. When I am at home with the little one, I am an “exemplary” mummy, and at work, I am a lunatic who loves adrenaline. Except for ARO and the rescue service, I sometimes work in the ambulance for the treatment of chronic pain. In the hospital, I and my colleagues teach the employees of first aid help and resuscitation.

Veronika Žídková s dcerou.
Veronika Žídková with her daughter.
You have a very varied life. What makes you move forward?

I do most of the things mainly for myself and for my good feeling but I am pushed forward mainly by those who do not trust me and underestimate me. That is my driver.

Do you still have some free time in this extreme workload? How do you like to spend it?

There is certainly some time to rest, and then we go to the mountains, for a walk through the city, or for example, we go swimming with the daughter. I also like to relax while working in the garden and drinking some good wine with my friends.

Mám ráda sport a adrenalin.
I like sport and adrenaline.
You already had your unofficial cutwoman premiere in Ostrava at Oktagon 5. What is it like to know that there are several thousands of people watching you at work? Did you feel nervous, when you came into the cage to treat the fighters for the first time?

I was definitely not nervous. The worst thing for me was to handle the first fighter. The nervousness faded away afterward. When nursing in public or inside the cage, I concentrate only on the specific injury and I do not care about the surroundings much. I do not notice cameras nor photographers at that moment.

You are the first woman on Czech-Slovak MMA scene at the position of a cutman, or better a cutwoman. How did you get to Alpha Cutman Team?

I would say that it was rather a coincidence. I have known the people from the ACT for a few years mainly from work. They know that I like action and challenge. Consequently, when they first invited me to Oktagon 5, I didn´t think too long. The only thing I was worried about was not to shame them, not to break the rules of the match or something like that.

17. 03. 2018 Oktagon 5, Alpha Cutman Team Veronika a Bobesh
17/03/2018 Oktagon 5, Alpha Cutman Team Veronika and Bobesh

The editors are thankful for the interview and we wish you a lot of successful gala evenings.

We asked two personalities from the MMA world about their opinion too.

What does Ondřej Novotný think about the new reinforcement of ACT? 

It doesn´t matter whether it is a woman or a man. What matters is, how well they do their job. And Alpha Cutman Team secures their job on a professional level. A woman, of course, adds in an interesting energy and bigger attractivity, but I would not look at it as something strange.

One of the first fighters that Veronika treated was also Jan Široký. What is his sight of a woman in a cutman position?

If she is well versed in what she does, she´s got no problem putting the petroleum jelly on a wound and she does not get sick, she is certainly going to be of benefit to MMA. A lot of fighters will surely welcome treatment from the opposite sex (laughter).

17. 03. 2018 Oktagon 5, Veronika před klecí s Jan Široký
17. 03. 2018 Oktagon 5, Veronika in front of the cage Jan Široký

Source of photos: Facebook Veronika Žídková, Facebook Alpha Cutman Team

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