“Success is the best motivation,” Slovak kickboxer Tomáš Možný thinks

ON 24. March 2018 • BY Dominik

Excellent Slovak kickboxer Tomáš Možný has got a huge success near-hand! In two months, he is going to fight in a title match, in which he can gain a belt of World Kickboxing Network organisation. His last obstacle is a Polish guy Tomasz Sarara, with whom he is very familiar. How does he perceive this rival? What would he like to achieve within Glory federation? What are his memories of his beginnings? Are the health problems a great warning for him?

Hello Tomáš, thank you for finding time for an interview. How does the preparation for your title of WKN duel in May continue?

After my last match, I made a lesser pause and I am currently engaged purely in power training. However, in early April I am planning on visiting my favourite gym in Thailand, where I am going to continue with the preparation. If everything goes as imagined, I would like to travel to the Netherlands for some sparring before the incoming match, as that´s what I miss the most.

There is going to be an experienced Polish man Tomasz Sarara standing against you, whom you already fought with a few years ago. How do you remember your first match?

It is true that I bear this match in my mind since I was only 19 years old and it was an eight-member tournament, in which I had three difficult fights within three hours. Even though I was not experienced enough then, I got to the big final, where I lost against this guy. That´s why my motivation to win is even bigger this time.

Is the Polish man going to be a challenging opponent?

He is definitely going to be a challenging rival. First of all, he is a Polish number one in K1, he has got a countless number of experience and he is preparing very precisely.

The match is going to take place in Warsaw in front of 50 000 spectators. How do you perceive duels, in which there is not only the opponent standing against you but the audience too?

Although the capacity of this stadium in Warsaw is more than 50 000, it doesn´t have to be full. Anyway, it is going to be the biggest stadium I ever fought in. Such audience brings, in addition to the perfect atmosphere for a spectator, a lot of tense for the fighter. However, it is a wonderful feeling to have the possibility to perform in front of such a crowd.

Since 2016, you have been fighting within Glory federation – How was the transition idea born?

As I won 8 matches at a world level during 2015 and 2016 and the professional Europe champion title, I got an offer from Glory to fight there.

Are you happy in the federation? Would you like to continue with this cooperation?

Of course, I think there is no fighter, who wouldn´t wish for something like that. It really is a TOP federation in this sport worldwide.

You are currently in the tenth place in the Heavyweight ladder. Do you have ambitions to fight for the very highest peak?

There are some ambitions but my way to this title is not in sight yet. At this level, it is very hard to move forward as the Slovak sports conditions are what they are.

Last time, you fought with Czech fighter Daniel Škvor, who you defeated by arbitrators´ decision. How do you reassess this duel?

As there was a lot in the game in this match, in my case it was the opportunity to prolong the agreement, I tried not to lose my head and to fight tactically. I didn´t want to go into thoughtless battles so I took the way of scoring.

You use your physical proportions skilfully in a match, does it have anything to do with your pseudonym “The Giant Slovak“? In what occasion was this nickname created?

I think that given my measurements (height 202 centimeters and the weight 115 kilograms, editors´ note) this nickname does have its meaning. It was made by my manager and I have been using it since then.

Let´s move to the beginning of your career, you started doing kickbox quite late. What made you try this sport especially?

It came all of a sudden. At a family celebration, my cousin, who had already been doing kickbox, told me to try it and since then I haven´t stopped.

Weren´t you tempted by anything else? Let´s say football, hockey or any individual sport?

No, not at all…

How did your parents get through your decision? Did they try to put you off from that?

Clearly, parents are not happy about such sports hobby at the beginning, as they can see it rather as a fight. I think, however, my mother has been sitting down under that step by step. She´s got no choice, even though, she will certainly always worry about me.

The first success came after a short time – is it when you decided to do kickbox at a professional level?

Of course, success is the best motivation. It was my case too when I won the junior champion of Europe title followed by the world champion title.

Do you remember your premiere amongst the professionals? Are those memories pleasant?

I won my first professional match in approximately 30 seconds, but the joy was very long-lasting.

How did your career evolve later? Were you watched by the people from Glory at that time too?

I don´t think so. It took me some time to start being noticed.

We know that your career is unpleasantly affected by your health problems too – mainly your back and knee. How are you doing now?

I have been accompanied by the health problems for a long time and I know I will never be fully all right, but at present, I feel as good as I haven´t felt for a long time.

Do you still have to be careful with your back after a surgery? Are you limited by that in any way, whether physical or mental side?

I sometimes have the feeling that it has more of a mental character, as one tries not to make the problems even worse. Of course, there are days when I feel physical pain too.

How can a man with 110 kg keep the necessary speed and impulsiveness? Do you have to adapt the training process?

Impulsiveness itself cannot be sustainably kept in a long-term so I work on it intensively before every match.

Despite fighting for Glory, do you still have to work? Do you have time for that alongside a career in sports?

In addition to my training, I train my clients privately and in groups, which is flexible for me, even though before a match, I put my efforts almost only to myself. I would certainly not be able to combine working time in a classic job with kickbox on this professional level.

What is Tomáš Možný like out of the gym? What do you do in your free time?

I like to rest and have fun with my relatives in my free time like any other person.

Is there anything you would give up your professional sportsman career for?

The only obstacle, that might stop me, is my health.

How do you see the increased public interest in combat sports in Slovakia? Is it nice that your sport gets more space in the media too?

Of course, I am happy about this interest as it becomes popular in Slovakia too.

What are your future ambitions? What would you like to achieve? Would you like to try any other discipline?

My biggest success would be an opportunity to fight for a champion title in Glory. In addition to that, I would like to have my own gym in the future to be able to pass on my experience.

Tomáš, thank you for the interview and the whole Figurekeeper.com team is going to keep their fingers crossed for you in your next career. Good luck! What would you like to tell the readers and your fans in the end?

I am really thankful for every support and the fans because they are usually the thing that energizes me and makes me go the right way.

Source of photos: Facebook Tomáš Možný, Manu Da Luz

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