Petra Částková: „Sound nervousness is certainly not harmful, but it must not paralyze you.“

ON 31. May 2018 • BY Mrkvis

Petra Částková is an important part of Czech MMA and in addition, she is a multi-functional person, that´s why we called her for an interview, where she told us about her fight at Bellator. We also asked her, how did her life road take her to the MMA or, for example, how does she make weight. What do you think, does she prefer pancakes or a hamburger? That´s what you can read about in today´s interview too!

Hello Petra, to begin with, we are going to ask you what you are currently doing and where we caught you?

Hello, I recently came back from a short holiday in the Austrian Alps. Nevertheless, MMA has been tough in the recent months, so it was fine to change gloves for a while.

Can you make a recap of your biggest life achievements to the readers who don´t know you yet?

I certainly file there the fact that I have graduated as a transport pilot – I love flying, and I hope I will do it for a living one day. And, of course, a contract with Bellator.

We would like to focus on your contract with Bellator. It has not been so long since you signed the contract with the organisation and had a match under it right after. How did your relatives react to that?

It was a very lightning operation, I think we were signing the contract with Bellator on Sunday, on Tuesday we flew to Budapest and on Friday I had a fight, so I concentrated mainly on the match but the reactions were certainly positive. I was surprised to get such a great number of supporting messages through various media.

Still, we must ask: Dream of every fighter is to get to the UFC, do you also have such ambitions or was Bellator your dream?

I am extremely satisfied with Bellator, there are a lot of amazing fighters under this organisation and part of them are former UFC stars, who left the organisations for different reasons.

How do you look back at the fight with Denise Kielholtz at Bellatore 196?

I think I can still see it the same. It was a very balanced fight, I would say that there were more clear blows with bigger damage from my side, which could, after all, be seen on the face of the opponent after the fight too. Nonetheless, Denise is a very experienced fighter, World champion in kickbox for the 6th time, former member of the national Netherland team in judo. She had known about the match for a long time and she was better prepared in matters of fitness, and I think that´s what finally decided about the result of the match.

Are you currently preparing for a particular fight?

We don´t have a specific date yet, but I guess my next fight under Bellator could take place in the half of the summer.

How many fights are you going to have by the end of 2018?

I have a contract with Bellator for 3 fights, so I would like to have at least 2 by the end of 2018.

Who actually brought you to the gym for the first time and how is it possible, that you worked all the way from Muay Thai through K1 to the MMA?

I was brought by a friend of mine for the very first time, she did Muay Thai only as a hobby, to improve her stamina and so on. I started to like it more and a goal started to form in my head that one day I will be fighting on those big gala evenings, which I liked to visit as a spectator and that I will represent the Czech Republic. Muay Thai has always been my main specialization, later I added a classic box to it, as a little girl I did judo for 7 years, in which I have a blue belt. Nevertheless, Muay Thai started to seem a little stock after all those years, training was the same all the time, and that was the reason, I think, why I nodded for the offer of André Reinders, to try coming sometimes for MMA training.

What was it like, when you came in the cage for the first time after all the combat sports you have tried?

It was amazing! It was a new challenge and I love it! I enjoy the diversity in MMA, every time there is a different type of fighter waiting for you in the cage. I can use all the sports I have done in the cage. Each can be useful somehow, like boxing for example. My hands are my main weapon.

How come are all good fighters getting together with André Reinders? What persuaded you especially to be on his team?

Was it the magic of his personality? (laughter) No, I will be serious now, André is one great trainer, but a person too. He´s got a personal, friendly and very humane attitude to his fighters, and it displays on the atmosphere of the whole team. A better team would be hard to find.

Do you have other trainers, who give you their attention during a preparation for a fight?

My head coach is, of course, André, I have a trainer of grappling next – Tomáš Pohorel, then Roman Gomola, Lenka Kardová, and Oskar Lakomý take care of my stamina and strength, they work on my boxing skills and I get a lot of attention also from Lukáš Bárta from MMA Monster, who works with me on catches and movement.

And what about your surroundings outside the gym? Who is the biggest support for you except trainers?

My biggest support is certainly my family, although they are not very happy about this sport. (laughter)

There are things that are under the control of your trainers, on the other hand, there are also things for which you are “alone” and that is mentality or making weight for the fights. How do you cope with the weight loss before fights?

I think that I found an optimal diet during the years of experience so that I do not starve and my relatives do not have to avoid me (laughter). The last kgs I loose with water, which is not too pleasant, but I take it as a necessity. What goes down fast, goes up fast too.

Pancakes or a hamburger?

A hamburger, unambiguously!

How do you feel just before you come in the octagon? Does nervousness play a big role in your case?

I am almost always nervous, I learn how to work with that though. Sound nervousness is certainly not harmful, but it must not paralyze you.

Do you feel like you have gained certain advantages, or let´s say a merit, throughout the years, which younger fighters miss?

Well sure, the experience is one of few things you cannot learn, you earn a better eye, timing with fights. On the other side, you would hardly meet someone who misses this experience in Bellator.

Did you overcome some bigger injury, that happened during a fight?

Fortunately, injuries during fights have been avoiding me by now. Anyway, the worst injury in my whole sports career was a broken knee ligament. A fight after the pause caused by the injury was definitely the worst. I fought in a higher weight category than I normally do and the whole fight was like a bad dream (laughter). I expected to come back to the ring and be where I was when I stopped, but it was a hard mistake. What doesn´t kill me, makes me stronger though, and I went to Muay Thai championships in Belarus two months after that.

Which match did you enjoy the most and you like thinking of it?

It is one of my first MMA fights, at a gala in Poland. We did a very nice fight, and despite having defeated a native Polish woman, the audience was excellent, a lot of people came to congratulate me personally to the good performance, really great atmosphere.

Do you think that the interest of women in MMA in the Czech Republic is big enough?

I would say that the growth of interest in MMA generally is great worldwide and it certainly displays in women too.

When talking about that, do you watch female MMA in the world?

Of course, I do! I am not that kind of person who has their idols and models, but I like the style of Joanna Jedrzejczyk, even though she has just lost, I think her striking is one of the best in the world.

And what about the Czech scene? Are you a fan of Karlos Vémola or Patrik Kincl?

I definitely watch the Czech MMA scene and I have my favourite in this very provoked duel too.

What countries could you visit thanks to sports that you were or are doing? Which one did you like the most and why?

The preparation in Thailand was certainly the best, especially during the winter months, it was a pleasant change, Europe Championships in Portugal was fine and the rest doesn´t belong to too exotic countries, but I am glad that I went there because I would probably never go to Belarus, for instance, just on holiday.

What is the most fundamental thing, that you have sacrificed because of MMA so far?

It is undoubtedly time, a lot of time… when you want to do sports professionally and graduate successfully or work at the same time, there is just no time for anything else.

What would we find in your playlist?

I listen to everything, it depends on my mood… I do not avoid electro music but I also like to listen to a good rock, but you wouldn´t find country or brass music there (laughter).

Tell us something about you, what your fans don´t know yet.

I sing really horrible (laughter).

If people were to remember you for something at the end of your career what would it be?

We are not going to go so far, (I hope) I have enough time until the end of my career.

Would you like to tell something to your fans and people following and supporting you?

I thank a lot to all my fans for their support and I appreciate it a lot. Follow me further, there will certainly be a lot to watch!

We are thankful to Petra Částková, for having found some time to answer the questions and for getting the fans closer to her life again. We wish her a lot of luck, no injuries, many winning fights and a will to fight!

Source of photos: Instagram archive of Petra Částková


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