Patrik Kincl proposes doping tests before the duel with Karlos Vémola!

ON 18. June 2018 • BY Dominik

XFN 11 is coming and nervousness rises! Patrik Kincl spoke to his fans via a live stream on Sunday, where there was a lot of interesting information said but the doping debate was the most captivating. The Czech fighter was the main character in a fake report, according to which he told Vémola during the stare down that he was “loaded”.  Karlos, of course, seized the opportunity the balloon went up.

However, Kincl explained how it all happened and rejected these claims. There was a video recording from the entire stare down available and it is true that the missing microphones affected the sound quality. Patrik´s original words “I am small” could easily be confused with the phonetically similar word “loaded” (in Czech) and an online sensation was alive. The authors of this report, however, acted manlike and apologized to both champions for their mistake, but Vémola expressed himself about the doping issue so much, that Kincl decided to respond too.

Stare down between Kincl and Vémola (the problematic phrase is said in the last seconds)

This is MMA! @xfightnights Karlos Vémola vs Patrik Kincl 28/06/2018 @o2arenaprague @ticketportalcz

Uverejnil používateľ Petr Kares Piatok 15. jún 2018

Patrik urged (not only Karlos but also the public) to strengthen the debate on the prohibited substances testing. “I am willing to go through the Internet and find the firms, who will be able to test us. I am in for three tests – a random one during the ongoing preparation, one before the match and one after the match.  I have absolutely no problem with it,” Kincl said. His words were supported by the promise to pay for the whole testing in case of negative results of both champions.

The 28-year-old fighter thus retrieved on his opponent his own claims, putting pressure on this proposal to be made. At the same time, he reminded that TNT (testosterone use) was allowed during Vémola´s activity in the UFC, but he said unambiguously he never wanted to blame him for some unfair practices.

This proposal can only help the level of martial arts in our countries and we will see how Karlos Vémola and the XFN organisation itself will stand up to this challenge. We also talked about the anti-doping actions with the organisation´s promoter Petr Kareš. “The XFN is working hard to establish doping tests at least in the title matches in 2019. A doping test should then take place immediately after a win,” Kareš said in an interview for our magazine.

“In general, however, the public view on the doping punishments, as a solution for the prohibited substances problem, is incorrect. It is, unfortunately, the sport itself motivating a sportsman to “take“. Today nobody is interested in the second or third place anymore, whether it is the audience or the sponsors. Everything is always focused only on the winner. Once it is again the sport that is financed and not the winners, the situation will significantly improve on its own,” the promoter and still active fighter took a think, indicating that the system was the main issue.

Will the proposal of Patrik Kincl help start certain processes in favour of the fighters, fans and the level of MMA itself in our countries? We believe it will!

A live stream recording, in which Patrik Kincl calls for doping tests!

Kincl lajf

Uverejnil používateľ Patrik Kincl Nedeľa 17. jún 2018

Source of photos: Facebook Patrik Kincl, XFN

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