Lucie Sedláčková: “My only motivation is a heart that wants to box!”

ON 17. March 2018 • BY Dominik

Is a star of the world women box growing in the Czech Republic? Lucie Sedláčková has her qualities as well as ambitions to get to the very top! Magazin questioned her and Lucka revealed some curiosities from the background of her preparation in a pleasant interview. Is she planning to fight for the world WBC champion title? Why did she decide to give up boxing a few years ago? What role does her boyfriend and trainer Štěpán Horváth have in her success? Is she going to stay devoted to box or transfer to MMA?

Hello Lucka, thanks for finding some time for us. What does your current timetable look like? When can we see you in a ring again?

Hello, pleasure is on my side. In my career, there are currently big changes waiting for me. You have something to look forward to!

You became a silver WBC belt holder. What are your feelings after some time? Have you actually realised the value of this success?

That evening when I won it felt amazing and warm as I was one step closer to my big dream. I realize the value of my success, but later my feelings about the victory were more than one by one disappointment. The worst thing is the expectation. You expect amends, which of course can never come in the Czech Republic. I am generally disappointed with the whole Czech system, with my team manners, with myself as I believed and expected. To make it shorter and understandable also for the people who don´t do martial arts. Sportsmen after their big life success expect their life to change. They expect the next door to open and new opportunities to come. To have their credibility…

There was experienced Irma Balijagič Adlerová from Bosna standing against you, who held the whole 10 rounds in the ring with you. Was it a mentally demanding duel too?

Physically and in boxing, I was prepared the best in my whole professional career, even though we had a very short time to prepare with my trainer. From the mental side, I think the only difficult thing was that the opponent was not so active as I thought she would be. As a result of that, it was demanding to box 10 rounds with somebody, who is not so active but can suffer so much.

Now you have the right to challenge the world WBC champion – are you planning to do that and fight for the most valuable title?

We are planning to do that. But I have to gain more experience, everything is still in front of me.

In your corner, there is also your boyfriend Štepán Horváth – do you perceive his presence during the match too?

Of course, I perceive him only as my trainer, whom I believe, during the match though. A great thing is that Štěpán really knew me personally as one of a few people, that´s why he understands me so much in boxing as well. He can calm me down in the match, and direct me to where he is supposed to. The whole fight is only about me, he lets me play my own game, lets me fight, lets me express myself, in the corner he admires me, supports me and is able to bring me back to the game. It is important that we trust each other, that´s why none of us stresses the other one. We have a relaxed atmosphere, I really get better mentally in every match. I think that I finally found somebody who knows how to work with me gradually. And that´s what I am thankful for to him. You know, some people slow you down with their attitude, hold you back with their worries and don´t let you express yourself, don´t let you breathe… I think that not everybody is capable of being a professional trainer.

Can you imagine the opposite situation, in which you would stand by him as a trainer?

Me as a trainer of Štěpán Horváth? (laughter) That´s a great joke. Of course not. If it was his desire to have me close, I would be able to hold his water at most. And I would have to think it through a lot… (laughter)

Let´s go to your beginnings – how did you even get to boxing?

Every person has got their role in this world right now. I have felt since I was a little girl that I am going to be a boxer one day. I didn´t know how or where but that was not the point. My aunt has supported me as the only one in our family since the beginning and she spoke in my favour to my parents so that I could begin with boxing. I started with my first trainer Václav Němeček, in whom I had every confidence.

What did your relatives, mainly parents, said when you already started doing this sport?

I didn´t care much about the surroundings but I remember everyone supporting and admiring me. The parents didn´t trust me that box is the thing that could satisfy me. They didn´t take me seriously but they let me do that. At present, they are an incredible support and I would achieve nothing without them. As I am thinking about it now I must have cost many people their nerves. (laughter) I thank everyone!!!

In 2014, it looked like you were going to give up boxing for good. What made you do that?

What can lead a sportsman to end their career? Simple and straight – people who want to make it unpleasant, management, system. I was so fed up with everything, I felt like I am living the dream of all the other people just not mine. I won the Czech championships and I finished the next day. I am happy that I experienced the best boxing years in the women representation, which was led by Eva Líšková. It was the only person who did it with her heart, and in those times it was impossible for the girls not to have their results and not to bring medals from all tournaments. Nowadays, if a person doesn´t assimilate to the game of the others, there will always be a problem. When she left, I left too and the whole representation fell apart. I have been sorry about that until today because we had the power to get much further. I would rather avoid discussing today´s representation. It is never going to be the same as it used to be.

How was the comeback to the ring born then? Did you miss it?

At the last Czech championships, I was called by Lukáš Konečný. He offered me professional boxing at the German stalls, in which he acted during his whole career. I refused that, I didn´t even want to hear about boxing. I told Lukáš, that I didn´t want to box and that I would start with modelling. I was doing only modelling half a year when Lukáš called me if I hadn´t changed my mind. What can I say… I was quite happy to hear from him. (laughter) I came to a practice in Ústí, where I met with the German manager and we agreed on the papers and conditions.

Have you decided immediately to be a professional? Were you not tempted by the amateur career with the possibility to fight at the Olympic Games, where you would have great chances to succeed?

To tell the truth, if I dreamed of the Olympic Games, I would probably abide a lot of things and people. In times when I finished, women had just started boxing at the Olympics and there wasn´t my weight division. I didn´t have big ambitions nor dreams in amateur boxing. Today it is different. I am older, cleverer, I would do many things differently and in my way. They might open my boxing weight category at the Olympics and who knows what will happen until then. For now, professional boxing satisfies me more, for sure. It is all only about me. When I make a mistake, it will be only mine. I don´t like when other people decide about my life and career. Profibox is certainly closer to me, I can see a bigger future in it, you can secure yourself. To be honest, I don´t understand how some girls are still in amateurs.

In the professional ring, you have an enormous balance of 11 wins and 1 draw. Which one do you appreciate the most?

I appreciate every fight and win equally the same. There is no difference. I appreciate that I always come out of the ring safe and sound and able to box in the next fights. It is a beautiful thing to hold a belt over your head. But the real victory and happiness in life are something different. Maybe that’s why I win when I know this… (laughter)

Are you angry about the one draw against a Polish woman Kopinska in your second fight?

Yes. But not because it was a draw but because I should have won it. I cried over the result because I absolutely didn´t understand that. It was unfair. But when I look back at it, I am happy about the draw. It gave me more than it took. I realised some things that I would certainly not have seen if I had won.

There is hard work during training standing behind your victories. How do you handle preparations for duels?

The preparations are getting more demanding and harder with every fight. I admit that it is not too easy to work with me. I don´t like a lot of things on preparations, I don´t agree with many things. I don´t let anyone advise me, I am stubborn. And because of that, it is all more difficult. Anyway, it is only me standing in the ring alone. When something in preparation is not going as I imagined, I can make the balloon go up! (laughter) I take boxing too personally. When I get more relaxed during the preparation, I have positive people with positive attitude around me and I can focus only on the performance, then everything goes on its own.

Martial arts have noticed a boom in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Are you happy about this heightened interest? Can you feel it yourself?

I am very happy about it. I can feel that martial arts in Slovakia and the Czech Republic are growing.

Does it happen to you that people recognize you as a successful boxing representant?

Yes, it touches my heart when the people support my success.

Do you have a vision, in which direction could your career go? What would you like to achieve in sports?

You can´t have dreams without visualization.

Are you not tempted by other disciplines as well? For example, MMA which is expanding worldwide…

I have to admit that I get offers to go to MMA from abroad too. I like MMA, I like this sport, but at a high level. I would like to make my dream come true first in my discipline, and after that who knows…

What is Lucie Sedláčková like in private? Can you find some time to relax too?

(laughter) Ask Štěpán instead… I think that in private I am the little girl who enjoys her life with comfort, which she creates around her. I try to balance my life. There is a lot of hard work, strength, and men in boxing. In my private life, I have a contrast. More modesty, tenderness and a coffee with my friend.

What do you do except sports and preparation for the fights?

Thinking about preparation. (laughter)

You are already at a young age a great motivation for girls, who would like to box. Where do you find your motivation though?

Thank you! This is what I love about it the most! And I appreciate it a lot. To be honest, it is really hard for me to find some motivation. My only motivation is a heart that wants to box.

Would you like to use your experience as a trainer one day too? Are you tempted by giving advice to the younger fighters?

I really don´t know. I don´t feel like being a trainer one day. For now, I have no relation to that. I think that my life will go in a different direction after I finish boxing. But being a part of it or a trainer of little girls would make me happy. Because the future is only in kids, and the kids can change the world.

Lucka, thank you for the interview. What would you like to tell your fans and our readers in the end?

I am the one who is thankful for the interview and nice questions regarding boxing. I hope I was not boring for the readers. I would like to tell them one thing. Live your life, live your dream, be who you really want to be and go hard after what you want. People who like you will always appreciate that and do not waste your time or faith with those who won´t. You came to this world alone and you are going to die alone, it is up to you what life story you will write. With love, Lucie.

Source of photos: archive of Lucie Sedláčková, Facebook Lucie Sedláčková

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