Kareš confirmed the establishment of doping tests in the XFN in 2019!

ON 23. June 2018 • BY Dominik

The XFN promoter Petr Kareš confirmed the organisation´s intention to establish doping tests for the next year. This topic has been extremely up-to-date in recent days because Patrik Kincl proposed these measures before the upcoming match with Karlos Vémola. The biggest Czech organisation plans to carry out a complex programme according to the foreign MMA leagues in the long term.

The discussion on doping in MMA and its elimination has begun at the instigation of Patrik Kincl, who confronted his rival Vémola, within a scope of juicy words battle, requesting these tests. It has already been known for a long time that XFN plans to adopt the necessary action to reveal the use of prohibited substances by the course of foreign organisations. Petr Kareš confirmed the information about the anti-doping programme via his Facebook. “XFN is going to impose doping tests in 2019. The education programme for the fighters is going to start this September. A meaningful programme against doping is watching sportsmen throughout the whole preparation period and it is designed to educate them, and not only to blame and to punish. The discussed urinal tests at competitions were imposed worldwide a long time ago and they are not applicable in MMA,“ the organisation promoter brought forward in his statement.

Kareš also supported his claims with the statistics of the most prestigious MMA oragnisation in the world of UFC. In 2018, the organisation has checked 2818 samples, whilst there were only 300 samples at the time of a match. Another interesting thing is that within the last 18 months they have tested also Conor McGregor 9 times, who paradoxically hasn´t had a single match under the organisation since 2016.

The fans´ and public reactions on this news were mostly positive, as it is going to be a step towards a higher quality and level of the organisation. Makhmud Muradov has also accepted the announcement with joy and he even told Petr Kareš that he was ready to be tested the following day.

Source of photos:, XFN/Jan Jirkovský

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